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fire suppression system inspection, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, alarm systems, fire extinguisher re-hydro testingHaving a fully functional fire protection and fire alarm system is of utmost importance in any public building. It is a point of law that all commercial and residential complexes, or a combination of both, maintain their fire safety equipment. In British Columbia, the BC Fire Code mandates that all fire protection systems must be checked on a monthly basis, and must undergo a thorough and comprehensive fire alarm and safety equipment inspection on an annual basis. These measures enhance the chances of survivial in the event of a fire within a building.

Phoenix Property Solutions technicians are qualified and certified to provide these services including inspection and maintaining the fire safety equipment. We are able to inspect, test, and maintain all fire safety equipment. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in this specialized field. Our services can provide you with a detailed inspection report that clearly identifies any concerns and deficiencies in your system, at which time repairs can be completed. Fire alarm safety reports are given to each and every one of our clients and property managers. We have the capacity to also provide annual servicing and inspections for fire alarm sprinkler systems.

To answer any questions or concerns that you may have, contact Phoenix Property Solutions to book an appointment.

Fire Alarm Control Panels, Manual Pull Stations, Smoke and Heat Detectors, and All Audible Devices:

Regular and annual inspections of fire alarm control panels, smoke and heat detectors, and audible devices can save lives. These warning devices are one of the first components of a well functioning fire protection system. Our technicians test and inspect the fire safety components to ensure that the operation of the device is working at its optimal level.

Phoenix Property Solutions will repair any deficiencies and make recommendations if needed to ensure optimal performance of your fire safety equipment. Our services include inspections and maintenance including the testing and repairs of any control panels and signaling devices.

Sprinkler Systems:

Existing sprinkler systems in all public buildings are required to be annually inspected and well maintained. The fire protection specialists at Phoenix Property Solutions can help in maintaining those systems.

We provide licensed technicians to install and maintain these systems. These technicians have expert knowledge for installation and/or renovation needs when required.

Fire Extinguishers:

Fire exinguishers are required to be inspected annually and on a monthly basis by trained personnel. Dry chemical fire extinguishers are also required to have regulatory servicing every six years and twelve years. Phoenix Property Solutions technicians are qualified to perform these tasks. We provide documentation to ensure that dates of inspections are clearly visible on each extinguisher.

Emergency Lighting Systems:

Emergency lighting systems are required to be inspected annually and on a monthly basis. Phoenix Property Solutions can provide this service and perform any repairs that may be necessary. We provide documentation to ensure the dates of inspections are clearly visible.

Fire Safety Plans:

Fire safety plans are required by law for condominiums, residential developments and commercial buildings. Phoenix Property Solutions can design a specific fire safety plan to suit the needs of each individual building which will be informative and concise for building occupants, as well as emergency response teams. Fire safety plans, evacuation drawings and emergency exit lighting all work together to minimize the likelihood of injury in the even of a fire.

Phoenix Property Solutions has experience in designing and implementing these very specific plans. Also, our fire safety plans cn provide training and fire drills to enable a safe and efficient evacuation of your property.

Phoenix Property Solutions can provide updated fire safety plans. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.


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