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Okanagan plants for landscaping, flowers, landscaping rockThe truly great homes of the Okanagan combine modern urban architecture with comfort-laden outdoor living. What makes a home stunning does not begin at the doorstep, but begins at the curb and extends to every edge of the property. To achieve this remarkable level of aesthetics and beauty Phoenix Property Services landscaping experts utilize equal parts artistry, vision, local knowledge and extensive landscaping design experience to turn your property into a work of art that brings you and your family pleasure year after year. Our landscaping crew is highly knowledgeable and would be more than happy to apply their knowledge of landscape design, construction, ecology, and botany to produce a custom result to suit any style and budget. Furthermore, to make the maintenance of your existing property or any of our landscape projects even more simple, Phoenix Property Service employs landscape irrigation specialists that are experienced in the efficient and ecological use of water and automated outdoor sprinkler systems. We are your one-stop landscaping and irrigation company. Call us for more information or a consultation.

Landscaping Services:

Our landscaping service is a professional and thorough one. From the initial consultation with a landscaping designer, to the design proposal, final design plan, construction, implementation, completion and maintenance our staff employ many years of experience to create works of art with your property. Our landscaping consultants are knowledgeable and with their experience they bring with them a list of reputable materials suppliers, whether they be rock, plant, or water features. With time well-engineered landscapes endure and appreciate in value as you are appreciating them. At Phoenix Property Solutions we create outdoor living spaces that will truly become part of the fabric of your home.

Irrigation Services:

Having a beautiful landscape does not mean you have to spend countless hours doing yard work. With a professionally installed automated sprinkler system your lawn and garden will be the envy of the neighborhood. Experience and education are the cornerstones to effective landscape irrigation design and water management. Our staff offer many years of experience to ensure the greatest levels of performance at the lowest levels of cost and maintenance. We utilize products that perform as promised, year after year. So put away that garden hose and let our irrigation specialists install a system that will save you time, water, and money while drastically improving the curb appeal and property value of your home.


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